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House of Borse offers very tight spreads with low combined transaction costs (Commissions). Commissions are based on total Dollar amount of the executed order at the rate of 35/40/45 per 1000,000 each side executed of the base currency. HoB has three types of accounts, therefore three types of commission calculations and one must perform, Please see the following four examples to Sell 1 lot by using HoB Platinum account..

Keep in mind that for "exotics" pairs e.g. GBP/DDK (3rd example), you must refer to the base currency's relationship to the US Dollar (i.e. the base currency is GBP and the cross currency is USD; GBP/USD). Where there is none, e.g. CAD/JPY (4th example), CAD/USD does not exist, therefore use 1 divided by US Dollar based pair (USD/CAD).

1. USD/CAD - US Dollar based currency

US Dollar based currency
Formula: Contract Size x 0.000035

100,000 currency (1 lot) x $0.000035 = $3.50 = $7.00 commission after rounding (Open & Close).


2. EUR/USD - Non-US Dollar based currency

Use EUR/USD's Bid price:
Formula: Contract Size x Pair Rate x 0.000035

100,000 currency (1 lot) x $1.1000 x $0.000035 = $3.85 = $7.70 commission after rounding (Open & Close).


3. GBP/DDK - Exotic: US dollar is available as cross currency (GBP/USD)

Use GBP/USD's current rate at the time the position is opened for GBP/DDK, keeping in mind that with an exotic,
we reference the base currency's relationship to the US Dollar:
Formula: Contract Size x Pair Rate of GBP/USD X 0.000035

100,000 currency (1 lot) x $1.4500 x $0.000035 = $5.07 = $10.14 commission after rounding (Open & Close).


4. CAD/JPY - Exotic: US dollar cross (CAD/USD) isn't available but base is (USD/CAD)

Since CAD/USD does not exist, use 1÷USD/CAD pair rate, and then since USD is the base currency, use the same formula as example #1 above.
Formula: Contract Size x (1÷USD/CAD) x 0.000035 

100,000 currency (1 lot) x (1÷1.3000) x $0.000035 = $2.69 = $5.38 commission after rounding (Open & Close).










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